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Date Palm Trees l Why is the dates tree so resistant to storms?


The date palm tree has a high strength against storms, so the resistance of palms has always been seen. This strength has a reason that is interesting to know.

Features that make the date palm tree ressistant to storms:

Biologists explain that palm tree dates have three distinct characteristics, which help them survive in the face of severe storms, tornadoes and even tsunamis.

1. Interconnected roots:

Most palm tree dates have a large number of short roots on the upper surface of the soil, which work to supply large amounts of nutrients from the soil around the roots. When the soil is relatively dry, they begin to work, creating a very anchor. It gets big and heavy.
If you read in the wet entertainment section, unlike a few roots, this vast network of roots creates a very strong foundation that keeps the tree in place.

2. Existence of a resistant sponge trunk:

Pine or oak tree trunks grow in a radial pattern; Annual rings form hollows inside each other. At the same time, the trunk of the palm tree is made of several flexible foam compounds, which resemble a large number of wires inside a telephone cable.
These sponges provide a lot of strength to support the weight (compression strength), which means that the palm tree trunk can support the heavy weight of its branches and its flexibility allows the palm tree trunk to grow 40 or 50 degrees without breaking the bend. Be.

Palm trees do not break even in harsh conditions, and in this case they are much harder than other trees. As mentioned, some palm tree cells have a very high degree of flexibility and have the ability to return to their original state after bending.
This lack of the usual tree structure makes the palm tree date fruit have considerable flexibility and the palm can easily withstand the worst weather conditions.

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3. Very clever leaves:

While most trees emphasize the beautiful canopy of their branches and leaves so that they can absorb sunlight equally, the cover leaves can also absorb a lot of wind and water.

In bad storms, the canopy can act as a sail, and the branches can be easily removed as well as detached from the entire canopy. Meanwhile, think of a date palm tree. They do not have broad branches, but they have large leaves with a central pillar and flexible like large feathers. In good weather, the leaves disperse and form a good cover, but in stormy weather and strong winds, what do the leaves do? Do?
gather! They will act with less resistance to the elements that may keep them healthy. Of course, some leaves may be damaged, and the destruction of palm tree dates can be part of the storm, but as biologists write, “This (leaf damage) is much easier for the palm than it wants the canopy and the whole Repair its body.

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Dates Palm

An interesting point about date palm tree resistance

Although palm trees are among the trees, in terms of characteristics and features, it is more similar to plants such as grass, corn and rice than other trees. As you know, palm trees usually have a long life and belong to the family “Arecaceae“, which originated more than 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous, and this period is actually the era when non-flying dinosaurs still ruled the earth.


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