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Kabkab are one of the types of dates in Iran. The color of the fruit is yellow in the “Kharak” stage and light brown and burnt brown in the Rutab stage, and eventually it turns into a dark brown. Unripe and Kharak dates, unlike other dates, have a bitter taste. Oval fruit weighing about 15 grams with a light yellow semi-dry texture, the thickness of the shell is thick.

Kabkab Dates Farming: Kharak ripens in early August, but the full-ripe fruit harvest begins in mid-September and continues until mid-October.

Iranian Kabkab Dates

Kabkab dates are typically classified as a type of fresh date, which means that they are consumed soon after harvesting and have a higher moisture content compared to dried dates. On average, each palm tree can produce around 40 to 50 kilograms of Kabkab dates per harvest.

In terms of production, Kabkab dates are known for their high yields. The average harvest of this date variety from one hectare of grove is approximately 15 tons. This makes Kabkab dates a valuable and important crop in the regions where they are grown.

According to statistics from Iranian customs, the export value of Kabkab dates is approximately 5.12 million dollars, making it the fifth highest-value date export in Iran. Kabkab dates account for around 4% of Iran’s total date exports.

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Kabkab Dates Benefits

Kabkab Dates Nutrition:

  • Has a lot of energy and supplies the body with lost strength
  • Contains a lot of magnesium and is suitable for weight loss
  • Contains a lot of iron and is suitable for people with anemia and cardiovascular problems
  • Contains a lot of calcium and is suitable for ossification and bone structure
  • It has a lot of antioxidants and is a very good factor in preventing cancer
  • Suitable fiber for people with digestive problems and constipation.

The Kabkab dates calories are higher than other similar dates due to its high sweetness, therefore, people with diabetes should be careful in consuming it!

Kabkab Dates Price

Kabkab Dates Cost: Due to the fact that the production of this product is more common in the southwest of the country, the price of the product is the average of the prices of this product in the production areas, which are mostly located in Fars, Bushehr and Khuzestan provinces. The price of this product is determined based on production as well as annual inflation. Usually, the price of Dashtestan dates is higher than the Behbahan sample, and the reason is its larger quality and size. Most of the dates of this cultivar are harvested in the form of rutab and are marketed in plastic bowl packages. They are sold under the name of Rutab Kabakb or honey yellow dates. (Buy Kabkab Dates Online – Sale Kabkab Dates Online)

Export Kabkab Dates

  • The size of Kabkab dates is larger than other dates but has a smaller seed.
  • Kabkab of  Dashtestan dates are exported to Central Asian countries, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and some European countries.
  • Sales of Kabkab dates are high in Iran and this date is one of the most consumed dates in the domestic market

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