White Saffron

  • white konj style saffron

    Weight: 5 grams

    Weight with packaging: 9 grams

    price for per pack : 0.6 US

    Storage method: dry place

    it is suitable for daily use

    $0.00 per kg
  • White saffron 5g pack

    weight: 4.6 grams

    Weight with packaging: 5 grams

    price : 0.5 US per pack

    Suitable for: dessert, tea and etc

    Other explanations: adjusting the dry nature of saffron

    $0.00 per kg

White (Konj) saffron Wholesale price

white saffron

The Root of saffron or Konj saffron (another name is: ‘Cream’ or ‘Khame’ of Saffron) is the white part and the lowest part is the saffron flower.

Due to the aroma of saffron, it is also used in food. white saffron has a good aroma and taste, but due to its low coloring, it has a lower price than other saffron products.

Saffron Wholesale

Some scammers and fraudsters paint it and sell saffron instead of other parts.

Saffron generally consists of two parts, the head (Kolaleh containing three branches) and the root (cream). The main part is red or the head. The white part that is attached to the end of the head is called the root (Konj) of saffron or white saffron.

The color of these strands is bright yellowish-white. White saffron is used to treat some diseases.

Saffron root does not contain crocin. The main color of saffron is crocin, which causes the red color of saffron kolaleh.

The whiteness of saffron has all the properties of Sargol.

In traditional medicine, the properties of brewed saffron Konj were used.

Saffron has long been used by great scientists such as Zakaria Razi and Ibn Sina to treat diseases.

The healing properties of saffron

It is effective in treating jaundice, enhancing sexual potency, liver, treating learning disorders and repairing brain cells.

Because white saffron has saffron properties and also has a lower price, it has significant industrial applications such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, confectionery and other industries.

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