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Negin saffron is all red saffron. Based on the amount of cream (white saffron) to Kolaleh (saffron red), it includes saffron, straw, head flower and jewel. Negin saffron is the best type of saffron because it has the lowest amount of white compared to other types of saffron and in fact.

Saffron Wholesale

When separating white or saffron cream, extreme care must be taken to keep the Kolaleh connected in 3 branches. Of course, sometimes the Kolaleh are separated. On the other hand, the lowest amount of white should not remain on the red part.

How to dry saffron also affects the final quality of Negin saffron.

If the drying time of saffron is prolonged (traditional methods) and the amount of heat used is not standard; It causes saffron strands to wrinkle.

As we have mentioned, it has a very high quality both in terms of appearance and chemistry (coloring power and 2) compared to other types of saffron.

The production process of negin saffron is time consuming and requires precision and experience in order to finally produce quality saffron with a beautiful and colorful appearance. High quality and time consuming Saffron Negin production process has caused the market for buying and selling saffron to be less than other types of saffron. It is better to say that Negin saffron is a first-class and original jewel; There is less saffron on the market than other types of saffron.

Super negin is a term used to refer to the beautiful saffron whose Kolaleh are completely dry and of acceptable thickness. In super negin saffron, all the effective factors of saffron quality are higher than regular Negin saffron.

Features of Negin Saffron

  • Have a good color.
  • No sticky pieces.
  • The three branches of the Kolaleh are separated.
  • The ends of the Kolaleh should not be white.
  • Do not have a twist

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