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pushal saffron

Pushal Saffron contains red saffron Kolalehs (red part) with a portion of cream (white part) [3 to 5 mm].

Saffron Pushal is produced at the beginning of the harvest season. Due to the fact that there is a part of cream with saffron Kolaleh, the residues of flowers in this type are higher and weigh about 5-10%. On average, about 10 kg of saffron is obtained from 101 kg of saffron flowers. Poppy saffron with a long cream attached to it is known in Spain as “Mancha“.

Saffron Wholesale

The price of pushal is cheaper than other types of saffron, ie Negin saffron and Sargol saffron, because along with saffron Kolaleh there is some cream  and the price of cream (root) is much cheaper than Kolaleh.
In order to dry the pushal, it is done in such a way that the red saffron strands have the largest volume. In this case, the saffron strands swell and twist and coil inside. As a result, they look more voluminous and beautiful.

Pushal Qalamdar Saffron is one of the best types of saffron. Because saffron strings are healthy and large and do not break.

There are 3 types of pushal saffron:

  • Grade 1: This type of pushal has the best quality and the amount of cream attached to the Kolaleh is normal.
    The Kolaleh are thick and straight, and usually all three Kolaleh are connected.
  • Grade 2: In this grade, the quality of saffron is lower than grade 1 pooshal, and usually broken or weak Kolaleh are seen in it.
  • Grade 3: The amount of cream attached to the Kolaleh in this group is more than the second and first grades, and has a lower color number than the two previous types.

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