Buy Pistachio Wholesale

The best time to buy pistachios in bulk from pistachio suppliers is immediately after the harvesting season of this product and transfer to the recording terminals of this product for peeling and sorting operations. In this season, due to the abundance of product types, it is the best opportunity to buy pistachios in bulk. Due to the large supply in this season, the price of this product is at the lowest level. Most exporters and major buyers have used this opportunity to buy pistachios in bulk, and pistachio exports are booming as a result. The wholesale purchase of pistachios is considered a profitable business and brings high income to people every year.

Pistachios wholesale price

Pistachios are one of the most important export items of Iran, which are exported to other countries every year. There are different types of pistachios, such as Akbari pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei pistachios(Long Pistachio), Fandoghi pistachios(Round Pistachio), and Kole Ghochi pistachios(Jumbo Pistachio), each of which has a different quality and market. Also, the prices of the above-mentioned pistachios are different from each other, and this is not possible. which stated the price of pistachios in a fixed and precise manner. Also, pistachios are available in fresh, flavored, shelled or pitted form in the market, and accordingly, the prices of these pistachios differ from each other. Therefore, the best way to get the exact price of pistachios is to contact people who are active in the field of wholesale pistachios.

Selling wholesale pistachios

Since ancient times, pistachio buyers from all over the world travel to Iran, Turkey, America, etc. to get this product. Today, this product is exported all over the world. This product is one of the most valuable garden products that grows mostly in dry and low water areas with desert conditions. This plant needs sub-zero cold in winter and the need for cold is different in different types of this product. At present, the provinces of Kerman, Semnan, Khorasan, Yazd and Fars are among the major producers of this product in Iran, which have suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of this product, and are also important centers for buying and selling raw pistachios. they are going.

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