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sargol saffron

Sargol saffron is actually what is in most people’s minds of saffron. In this type, the cream part (root) is completely eliminated and the red Kolaleh separately form pure saffron.

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Other names are Sargol, premium (Momtaz), SarGhalam and SarRishe [in Persian name].
In some cases, Pushal is also called Sargol, in which case it is divided into two types: Sargol Negin and Sargol Premium. The Sargol Negin is actually the high definition of the saffron.

How to prepare Saffron Sargol

This type of saffron is obtained by sieving and cleaning Pushal saffron or Bunch Saffron and only saffron Kolaleh can be seen in it. Therefore, in this type of saffron, some broken saffron is seen, which is divided into first-class or lower grades based on the amount of broken saffron in it.

Why is it called Sargol Saffron, Premium Saffron?

Since the white part of the saffron root is extracted from the saffron root as much as possible in the preparation of the Sargol , which enhances the quality and appearance of the saffron,
The saffron obtained from this method is called premium saffron.

Properties of Sargol saffron

  • Good color
  • Do not cling to each other.
  • The Kolaleh are completely separate.
  • It should be white and completely red.

Determine the quality of Sergeant

They are measured by the two parameters “saffron length” and “absence of load-bearing white patches of red” and are divided into three degrees.
As the first grade, its staining is higher than the Super Negin saffron and the third grade’s staining may be slightly less than the Pushal saffron.

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