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Barhi dates


Barhi Dates Review

Barhi Dates (Barhee Dates) are found in 3types of Khalal ​​(or kharak) , Rutab and Khorma, which are mostly consumed in the form of Rotab. Barhi dates are among the most desirable international commercial varieties that are mostly grown in Abadan and Khorramshahr in Iran.

Also, in Qasr Shirin, Somar, Bandar Lengeh and Dehloran cities and to a large extent in Borazjan, dates are harvested every year.

The color of Kharak is yellow and the color of Rutab is amber and in the date of dates it turns reddish brown. The appearance of barley date fruit is spherical and has an average grain weight of 8 grams.

Color Golden yellow to light brown
Shape Round & Oval
Moisture  –
Flavor Sweet
Type Fresh – Kharak
Texture Soft Tissue, Juicy, Crisp, Meaty, Fully-Cling to The Flesh
Harvesting Time summer
Shelf Life and Storage Condition 4day Khalal / 6month Rutab / 12-18month dates

This type is also considered as a soft date.

Kharak dates have a good sugar content and this model is widely used in the food and beverage industry. Although it is a little premature, it can be consumed because it is sweet enough. Date has a good sweet taste and is one of the best and best types of dates in the world and has a very delicious taste.

According to many people, especially the people of Khuzestan, Barhi dates are the most delicious dates among other types of iranian dates.
Brahi dates are late ripening and have good resistance to moisture.

Due to its freshness, it is recommended that dates not be stored for a long time and it is better to store them in very cool refrigerators and environments.
However, in the date stage, the storage conditions become easier and it can be at a relatively higher time at ambient temperature; He kept the dates.

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