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Rabbi dates

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  • Rabbi dates fruit – Ario

    • packing : 5kg
    • shape : long
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  • Rabbi Dates

    Rabi date: is one of the most famous dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province. It can be said that Rabi date is specific to this province and is cultivated in several cities, including: Chabahar, Saravan, Iranshahr, Zabol and Khash. In terms of quality, the best type of Rabi dates are cultivated in Saravan region and have a high quality. Rabi dates have large red, blackish fruits and shiny, clear and thin skin. Due to its low humidity, Rabi dates are considered to have a long shelf life, so because of that don’t need for refrigerator to storage.

Rabbi Dates Review

Rabbi dates are one of the most famous date fruit in Sistan and Baluchistan province and are cultivated in several cities: Chabahar, Saravan, Iranshahr, Zabol and Khash.

In terms of quality, the best variety of Rabbi dates is cultivated in the Saravan region and is of high quality. It’s harvest time in September.

Color Black – Brown
Shape Long, Oval
Moisture Under %15
Flavor Sweet with suitable sugar
Type Semi – Dry
Size 3 – 5cm
Harvesting Time End of August
Shelf Life and Storage Condition At room temperature about 18 Months, under interim fumigation.
Packing 5kg , 10kg

Due to the low humidity, these Iranian dates have a high shelf life and this makes exporting unnecessary for cold storage.

This date is a type of semi-dry date and has a good shelf life. The appearance of this date is wrinkled and tall.

Rabbi have large fruit in red, blackish and shiny and clear skin. It  dates looks similar to Piatom dates fruit.

This type are less sweet than the Mazafati dates fruit and are very tasty. According to many people, this dates fruit have a very good taste before they become semi-arid, and are even tastier than Mazafati.

Of course, the reason why this date is known as Pakistani date, among other countries, is that Rabbi dates, called Pakistani dates, are offered by Pakistanis in world markets. This has made it a well-known brand.

Benefits Of Rabbi Dates

  • Dates neutralize excess acid in the stomach, which is very beneficial for the elderly and children.
  • Evidence suggests that in areas where palm consumption is high, this fruit may be effective in preventing cancer.
  • In some traditional medicine books, dates are mentioned as increased blood, which are very useful for weak people.
  • Can be effective in relieving joint paralysis, low back pain and joint discomfort.
  • It is said that boiled dates in breast milk ‘soften the kidneys’ and prevent inflammation, infectious diseases and hair loss.
  • Mixing this fruit with fresh milk is very effective in enhancing sexual strength. (source)

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