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Sayer dates

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Sayer Dates Review

The Sayer dates (another name= Stamaran Dates ) one of the persian dates which is mainly cultivated in Khuzestan province. Its appearance is oval, its color is dark brown and small and medium and large in size.

Due to the popularity of this dates in other countries, high levels of sugar and low cellulose.
Shadegan is one of the cities where the date of colonization is highly cultivated and the quality of this type is very high.
This date palm is also widely cultivated in Abadan, Mahshahr, Karun and Ahvaz. The highest quality of this product is cultivated in Shadegan.

The harvest time of these palms is late September and early October.

Color Brown to dark brown
Shape long, oval and sometimes inclined rectangular
Moisture Under 15-18%
Flavor sweet and has a unique delicious
Type Semi-Dried
Chemical Additives No, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Harvesting Time mid October
Shelf Life and Storage Condition Room temperature and about 18 – 12 months (1 year) under interim fumigation.
Packing 500g , 700g , 5kg , 10kg

The sweetest dates fruit in the world are famous and therefore easily soluble in water or tea but not suitable for diabetic patients. About 70% of the palm trees in Khuzestan province are cultivated by this commercial date.

Due to the high sugar content of this date, it can be easily dissolved in water and used with tea or other beverages. Of course, this type of date is also used to produce a variety of sweets or drinks, which, if used for production, can be classified as sugar among natural sugars.

This type are classified as semi-dried dates with less than 18% moisture and therefore simple storage conditions and storage capacity. Long lasting (up to 15 months) without refrigeration.

Due to the type of the fruit, the date seed is easily separated.

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