Benefits of Dates For Children, From what age can babies eat dates?


Dates are one of the most energetic foods that we can give to our children. Stay with us to provide you with useful information about this.

Dates Benefits For Children

The benefits of dates for children are the subject of our discussion. Dates are a nutritious and healthy snack that helps in mental development, better functioning of the nervous system and strengthening of the child’s immune system. Dates contain vitamin A, vitamin K, B vitamins, folic acid and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

All these minerals and vitamins are useful in increasing bone and heart health and reducing symptoms of anemia, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal disorders, overweight and night blindness.

Calcium and magnesium present in dates are ideal and useful for children’s bone formation.

Are dates useful for children?

In the following article, we have stated some of the benefits of dates on children’s health:

Improving the health of the digestive system

Date fruit are rich in soluble fibers. Soluble fiber combines with the water in the intestine and forms a gel, helping the health of the digestive system and easier elimination.

This is what rushes to help children to treat constipation. Potassium in dates is effective in reducing stomach upset and diarrhea. In addition, dates help to strengthen the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Dates are a useful natural medicine for treating intestinal problems. They fight against parasitic organisms.

Dates with milk is a nutritious snack to strengthen the child’s immune system

A child’s diet needs a lot of attention and it is better to prepare nutritious snacks for children instead of common snacks such as chips and puffs that have no nutritional value.

Date with milk is a very tasty and nutritious snack to strengthen children’s immune system. To prepare date milk, instead of pasteurized milk, you can use Aptacid enriched milk powder, which contains vitamin D, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and calcium.

Dates protect children’s liver health

Children’s liver is susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. Studies show that dates have the property of protecting the liver and this is one of the reasons for including them in the diet of children.

Dates are very suitable for children’s teeth

You can give whole ripe dates to children for better teeth development. By chewing dates, teeth and gums get enough exercise and can grow faster and faster.

Dates are very useful for reducing fever in babies

Mix dates with milk because this mixture is very useful in reducing fever and curing your child’s cough and smallpox. This potion is rich in nutrients and helps improve your baby’s condition.

Treating a child’s dysentery by eating dates

Babies may have dysentery (a bacterial infection in the large intestine). Dates help in controlling these conditions.

Improving the eyesight of children under one year old by consuming dates

Another benefit of using dates for children under one year of age is improving their vision. Dates contain a lot of vitamin A, which strengthens your child’s vision.

Dates improve hemoglobin levels

Dates can improve hemoglobin levels. The amount of iron in dates increases the number of hemoglobin in your child’s red blood cells and reduces the risk of anemia.

Improving the child’s weight with dates

Dates help your baby gain weight. You can give dates to your baby to reach the ideal weight.

The right age to give dates to babies

A common question that may arise for mothers after starting to use complementary foods is that it is permissible to give dates to a baby from the age of how many months?

Pediatricians believe that dates are a suitable food for babies and can include them in small amounts in the baby’s meals from the age of eight months onwards so that they get to know its taste and benefit from its good properties.
But experts believe that date juice is suitable for children from ten months of age and it is better not to enter the baby’s diet before this age.


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