Date Syrup Recipe : In #2 Ways, Homemade and Industrial


How to prepare date syrup: Date syrup [= Date Juice] is very energizing and its continuous consumption prevents anemia. Stay with us until the end so that we can tell you how to prepare date syrup in the traditional way.


Syrups are energy-generating foods and are considered the best food for times when the body needs more energy. Date syrup is among these juices.

Date syrup has the same benefits as dates (Read more about benefits of dates). It contains phosphorus and iron, which consumption in breakfast activates nerve cells and at the same time prevents anemia in people. Date syrup relieves rheumatic pains and arterial and venous diseases.

How to make Date Syrup

Date syrup preparation steps

Date syrup extraction is done by two traditional (home) and industrial methods. In the traditional method, 15% of the whole date becomes syrup, but in the industrial method, this amount can be increased up to 60%.

The traditional [homemade] method of producing date syrup

Preparation of syrup traditionally can be done in two ways.

Preparation method in pots without a door

  1. Dates without seeds and caps are poured into the pot and water is added to it according to the weight of the fruit.
  2. Then the mixture is heated until it boils
  3. Then it is filtered and added to the remaining water
  4. This process is repeated once or twice and the extracted syrup is reheated until it thickens well.

This method is more common in families living in date-growing areas, and they usually prepare date syrup as much as their annual consumption.

The method of preparing date syrup in cement ponds

  1. In this method, the dates are poured into cement ponds that are built for this purpose and are 1 to 1.5 meters higher than the ground level.
  2. When the dates put pressure on each other, the syrup comes out and is collected through a hole built into the bottom of the ponds.
  3. These ponds are called “Debse” in the local language. And the collected sap is also called natural date sap.

Disadvantages of producing date syrup in the traditional way

  • ✔️ Health principles are not observed much.
  • ✔️ Production efficiency is low.
  • ✔️ The concentration of the syrup obtained is not enough to prevent sourness and mold.
  • ✔️ Traditional syrup production workshops and its packaging containers are not in good condition.
  • ✔️ Produced date syrup is black and undesirable.

Industrial method of producing date syrup

Due to the high amount of dissolved solids, dates cannot be separated by squeezing water like other fruits. In the industry, they do the following steps to produce date syrup:

1. Washing

Dates are taken out of the warehouse and transferred to a special system by a conveyor, and stones, mud and other foreign materials are separated from it.
The detergent is usually water and it is used either by immersion or spraying.

2. Disinfection

SO2 gas or Sulfite or bisulfite salts can be used for disinfection.
In addition to preventing enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning, these compounds affect yeasts and molds and prevent fermentation.
In the past, methyl bromide has also been widely used for disinfection. Of course, efforts have also been made in the field of date disinfection with the help of gamma radiation.

3. Kerning and slicing dates

The washed and disinfected dates are transferred to the crusher. In order to reduce the process time, the contact surface between water and date fruit tissue should be increased so that the exchange of dissolved solids and their transfer from the fruit tissue to water takes place.

This is done by crushing dates. By using mixing, the maximum surface area of contact between the crushed dates and water can be created.

4. Extracting or juicing dates

  1. The process of extracting date syrup is done using diffusion. By placing dates in cold water, it takes hours to extract. Therefore, hot water with a temperature of about 55 to 75 is used.
  2. If the diffusion process is done in one step, the date will be dissolved with three times its weight, and if it is done in two steps, with 1.5 times its weight, it will be mixed with water at 65-80 degrees Celsius. It is good and there is no change in the ingredients and quality of the nectar.
  3. In addition to extracting sugar from dates, heat prevents the activity of bacteria and enzymes. The contact intensity can be increased by stirring the mixture.
  4. By repeating the extraction process, 65 to 70% of date syrup can be extracted from the remaining pulp. The remaining slag is immediately transferred to the press for dewatering, and the water coming out of the slag after sterilization and temperature adjustment is mixed with the water used in the extraction stage and enters the diffusion system.
  5. After crushing with a hammer mill, the dried pulp is transferred to the animal feed section by the suction system.
  6. The obtained extract is then entered into the filtration stage to separate its suspended substances. Then this syrup is heated in boilers under vacuum until the amount of solids reaches about 70.

Important points about preparing date syrup:

  • ✔️ It is better to use juicy dates to prepare date syrup. Using dates without syrup and dry is not very useful for this.
  • ✔️ Be careful if the dates are dry, the cooking time will be longer.
  • ✔️ If the concentration of date syrup is low, it will mold quickly, so try to either increase the concentration of the syrup or prepare it in a small amount.
  • ✔️ You can keep date juice in a dry and cool place in a closed container for up to one year.
  • ✔️ The color of homemade date syrup may be slightly darker than its usual color.


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