How To Wash Dates? And How to Clean Dates From Germs?


How to wash dates? In terms of hygiene, it is necessary to wash dates like any other fruit before consumption because it is possible that this fruit is contaminated with some microorganisms in the groves when it is on the tree due to dust, bird droppings and vermin or when it is picked and graded by workers.

Wash and Clean Dates

Therefore, dates that are traditionally packaged or sold in bulk need to be washed.

After buying dates, it is better to store them in closed containers in the refrigerator, and when using them, wash the dates well with water and remove the skin.

Avoid washing dates with alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectants or common detergents.

Because this fruit not only absorbs the smell of these compounds, but the possibility of disinfectants penetrating the texture of this product is very high.

Most of the dry dates can be washed easily, but Rutab (fresh dates) which has more moisture and is a little difficult to wash, you can heat it in the oven to the extent that the product does not burn.

Of course, you can also slightly moisten dry dates and heat them in the oven.

Disinfection of dates due to corona

It is necessary to wash and disinfect dates, because this fruit may be infected with viruses and bacteria due to various reasons, such as dust, bird droppings and vermin, or during picking and grading by workers.
As much as possible, you should not buy dates in bulk and traditional form. But if you buy dates and see that they are offered in bulk, the best thing to do is:

Put dates in a container and after washing them with water, place them in a place for 14 days where the corona virus will be destroyed and then consume.

Disinfection of factory dates

It is good to know that the dates that are packed in resistant and impermeable nylon vacuum packaging in the factory have gone through the steps of washing and disinfection, and only wash and disinfect the container of dates after buying in order to stay safe from Virus.

Factories or workshops with a health license under the supervision of a technical officer wash the dates first before packaging, and then disinfect the fruit and give them cold or weak heat or radiation to increase their shelf life, so that their enzymes are inactive and the activity of microbes is reduced.


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