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8 Date seeds benefits l what is date seed? l Date seed powder


🍵Date seed: About 6 to 15 percent of each date weight is it’s seed. In the old days, people used date seeds (or kernels) to feed livestock or make caffeine-free Arabic coffee, but recently this nutritious foodstuff is being used exceedingly.

Most people are acquainted with the date and its benefits, but few know that date seed is as nutritious as the fruit itself.

date seed powder

Common names:

Date seeds, date kernels, date stones, date pips, date pits

The date seed chemically contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, zinc, cadmium, calcium, and potassium. Saturated fatty acids include stearic and palmitic acids, and unsaturated fatty acids include linoleic and oleic acids, which can control alpha-5 reductase enzyme function. (1)

Dates Seeds Benefits

Dates seeds benefits: The essential benefit of date seed is lowering blood sugar. If you have diabetes, daily consumption of three cups of date seed can be helpful.

Other benefits of date seed are lowering blood fat, cleansing the liver, controlling blood pressure, losing weight, excreting kidney stones, reducing hair loss, supporting nerves, and treating diarrhea.

You can relieve the toothache with date seed. Sprinkle a little date seed powder on your tooth, and it will soothe the pain. We recommend using date seed for mucous disease.

Although this drink is safe for healthy people and is a good substitute for coffee, it is essential to consult doctors before taking any medication. Please consult your doctor before using dates in your diet.

Date Seed powder Benefits 1: Skin and Hair Recovery

The skin’s beauty and the treatment of wrinkles are the astonishing benefits of date seed oil. This oil is very effective due to its containing B and A vitamins and iron. Palm oil treats skin issues due to its B vitamins. Therefore apply a small number of dates seed oil on your face every day. After a short period, you will notice that the skin has absorbed the oil and acts as a good moisturizer. The date seed oil has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that treat all skin issues.

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Dates Seed Benefits 2: Healing Wound

One of the benefits of date seed is gash healing. Date seeds can treat ordinary or septic wounds. Burn the date seed and crush them near the gash after cooling down. Your injury will heal by burning the date seed and putting it in the said place.

Dates Seeds powder Benefits 3: Excretion of Kidney Stones

Kidney stone excretion is another incredible benefit of date seeds. Individuals who suffer kidney or bladder stones can pound dates seeds and brew them in water and drink twice a day.

Date Seed Benefits 4: Diarrhea Treatment

Date seeds are good for treating digestive disorders, especially chronic diarrhea! Organic dates also act as a powerful disinfectant and kill bacteria that enter the alimentary tract.

Date Seed Benefits 5: Nail Repairing

Date seed oil is efficient for repairing nails due to its variety of vitamins, especially vitamins K and A.

Dates Seed Benefit 6: Increase Immunity for Pregnant Women

Date seed increases milk of breastfeeding mothers and supports the immune system in pregnant women. We recommend pregnant women eat date seed powder several times a week. Date seed has antioxidant properties, supports the immune system, and avoids any damage to the DNA structure.

Dates Seed Properties 7: Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Restoring

The date seed oil contains iron which prevents hair loss. It also helps hair to grow. The utilization of this oil softens the hair and aids hair growth. You can massage your head with date seed oil. It contains vitamins and nutrients and helps your hair grow thicker and recover.

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drink date seed

drink date seed powder


Date Seed powder Benefits 8: The Role of Date Deed in Preventing DNA Impairment

The consumption of date seed powder can prevent toxic chemicals from impairing the liver and kidneys. Date seeds contain substances that prevent oxidation and avoid damage to the DNA genetic cells. Some studies depict that the antioxidant in date seed detoxifies the liver and prevents DNA impairment.

Drink Date Seed Powder [instead of] Coffee!

If you want to consume dates seed as an ailment, you must turn them into powder. The dates fruit will become powdered and toasted. If you intend to make it at home, put the seeds in the oven tray, fire the upper flame then let them cool completely.

Drinking date seed coffee regulates blood sugar, increases breastfeeding, reduces hair loss, calms nerves, and strengthens the immune system.

How do I make date seed coffee? You do not need any equipment to prepare this drink, but you can drink this coffee after ten minutes by pouring palm kernel coffee powder and boiling water into the teapot, and putting it on steam. And enjoy its unique properties.

How to make date seed coffee?

Review about date seed coffee

YouTube video
YouTube video

Powder these seeds with industrial grinders (not the usual ones we use at home).

To make a drink from date seeds, you should add date seed powder into boiling water and steep it on an indirect flame for ten to fifteen minutes.

How to eat date seeds? Date seed coffee!

Most people assume that this drink tastes like coffee. Although professional baristas know that it’s not true, the resemblance between two drinks is partly accepted.

Date Seed Oil Benefits (Medicinal and therapeutic)

The date seed oil has many pharmaceutic and remedial benefits

  • Ulcer treatment.
  • It is recommended people who suffer hair loss use dates seed oil for treatment.
  • It is used as a lotion, especially body cleansers such as soap and shampoo.
  • The date seed oil contains fatty triglycerides, about 80% saturated fat and 20% unsaturated fat.
  • Various products include seed oil, including margarine, vegetable oil, cream, chocolate, and ice cream.
  • It is used for hair strengthening, lowering hair loss and skin softening.
  • Date seed oil has many benefits and softens the skin.

Other benefits of date seeds oil

Non-cholesterol or zero cholesterol

One of the benefits of date seed oil is the lack of cholesterol. Due to the cholesterol-free trait of vegetable oils and margarine, like date seed oil, some conjectures exist that these oils are healthier than animal butter. However, margarine contains trans fats that can cause heart disease. Date seed oil is a better choice for pork and butter in the cooking process and is more suitable for people who suffer from high cholesterol and heart disease.

Vitamin k

The date seed oil contains vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin necessary for bone health. It acts as a crucial coagulation factor in the blood. However, you can receive 67% of your daily need. Receive all your daily vitamin K from a cup of dates seed oil, although we don’t recommend it.

Durability and long life

While the overall benefits of date seed oil may be one of the benefits of the commercial food industry, according to the US Palm Oil board, the dates seed oil is resistant to high-temperature oxidation and is a better alternative for cooking. It is better to use date seed oil for commercial products such as doughnuts, potato chips, and French fries.

Vitamin A

Date seed oil contains vitamin A, which is beneficial for eye disorders and night vision.

Vitamin E

The date seed oil contains vitamin E, which prevents the emergence of wrinkles. Vitamin E is good for strengthening hair, reducing hair loss, and skin softening.

Practically, you can consume it as food. But you should know that there are two types of date oil. One is the oil procured from the date fruit itself, and the other is extracted from the dates seed.

How to grow dates palm from seed? see this video!

People Also Ask

Is it good to eat date seeds?

Recent studies indicate that date seeds too contain significant amounts of beneficial food ingredients such as oleic acid, dietary fibers, and polyphenols. These compounds have been associated with reduced incidence of cardiovascular diseases and improved overall well-being. (source:

Are date seeds poisonous?

While some fruit pits can be toxic, not only are date seeds 100% non-toxic, but they also contain several health benefits. (source:

What are the benefits of dates seeds?

Date seeds contain significant amounts of beneficial food ingredients such as oleic acid, dietary fibers, and polyphenols. These compounds have been associated with reduced incidence of cardiovascular diseases and improved overall well-being. (source:

Are date seeds harmful?

Seeds of date palm (pits) are waste products of many industries that are added to the domesticated animals foods after technological alteration in the date fruits. Investigations suggest that the date seeds are free from any toxic effects. (source:

Can dates grow from seed?

date palms can also be grown from seed. To grow a date tree from a date pit, soak several date seeds for a week in cold water, changing the water daily to prevent mold or bacterial contamination. Plant the seeds in a pot in potting soil, protected from cold temperatures. (source:

Can date seeds be used as coffee?

If you’re looking for a low-caffeine option, these date seeds can be mixed with ground coffee. You can roast and grind the seeds in advance, which means when it’s time to make a “coffee”, it takes less than 5 minutes! (source:

What can I make with date pits?

How do you use a date pit? 1)Some people use date seeds as an additive to coffee. 2)Add date syrup in to the warm water with lemon and drink as a tea or infused water. 3)Try to make healthy bread spread. 4)Add date powder into your smoothies or juices. 5)Add date palm seed powder into your baking dishes like cookies, cakes etc. (source:

Can you cook date seeds?

Roast your date seeds for as long as you like, until you reach the flavor you like. I put my date seeds into a cold oven on a baking tray, then turned on the oven to 350 for 30 minutes. I tried a few seeds at the 30 minute mark, but they weren’t roasted enough. (source:

What are date pits made of?

The chemical composition of date pits includes dietary fiber, fat, protein, minerals, sugar, antioxidants, and phytosterols. (source:

Question About Dates Seed

How to make date seed powder?

First, you should pound it by hand, then use the grinder to turn it into smooth powder!

can you eat date seeds?

Yes, Date seed powder tastes like coffee, but it’s caffeine-free. Therefore, it is suitable for those who cannot drink coffee.

Does dates seed powder have Benefits?


how to eat date seeds?

First, you must powder it, and then you can brew it like coffee and drink it.

Is Dates Seed Powder Good For Hair?

Dates and seeds contain B vitamins that are necessary for hair health. The deficiency of this vitamin makes hair dry and frail. If you suffer hair loss, dates can nourish and reinforce the follicles from inside.

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  • can you eat date seeds?

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    • Jigawa, Sokoto and almost all the northern state have the potential to grow it their in commercial quantity. But Nigerians are lazy to tap in such a venture.
  1. For thousands of years, the fruits (dates) of the date palm were consumed as staple food and believed to have remarkable nutritional, health, and economic value. Recent studies indicate that date seeds too contain significant amounts of beneficial food ingredients such as oleic acid, dietary fibers, and polyphenols. These compounds have been associated with reduced incidence of cardiovascular diseases and improved overall well-being. Date seeds have been lately exploited for production of foods such as bread and hot beverages without impairment to sensory characteristics. This review focuses on the antioxidant properties and health benefits of date seeds and describes a coffee-substitute drink based on date seeds. Using an undesired by-product of the date industry as a raw material for functional foods has great economic potential and is thus expected to grow in the coming years.

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