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preserve dates: Fresh dates stay in the refrigerator for about eight months if properly packaged and can not be used for more than a month if stored in home cabinets.

Dates are one of the favorite fruits of many people, which is rich in many nutrients and is good for health. There are many types of dates and there are more than 400 types of dates in the world. In general, dates are either wet or dry or semi-dry.

Dried or semi-dried dates are easier to store and have a longer shelf life than wet dates. In this part of site, we tell you how to store different types of dates to have a high shelf life.

Nutritional value of dates

Dates are rich in calcium, vitamin B6, sodium, iron, potassium and protein. Dates are a nutritious food that eliminates hunger quickly and despite the sweetness, if consumed in moderation, it does not cause weight gain. Most dates do not have sodium, cholesterol or fat, so consuming them does not cause much of a side effect. Each 10 dates has about 234 calories.

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Tips for buying dates

If you are going to buy fresh or dried dates, pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose dates that have a thin skin.
  • Smell the dates so that they do not smell bad and sour.
  • One of the signs of old dates is its sugar content. Buy dates that do not show any sugar grains on the surface or in the juice.
  • If you are new to this field, do not go for open dates because it is not clear under what conditions these dates were grown and transported.
  • When buying packaged dates, make sure that the dates are not pressed and do not stick together.
  • Make sure that the packaging does not contain deep objects such as plants or small debris.
  • Each type of date has its own color, so know the type of date and know what color each date should be.
  • To determine the freshness of dates, one should not pay attention to whether they are wrinkles or not, because some types of dates naturally have wrinkles on the surface of their skin.

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How to store dates at home?

Many of us keep dates out of the refrigerator after we buy them, but this reduces the shelf life of the dates. Good storage can preserve the moisture, flavor and taste of dates. Use the following tricks to store dates for a longer time and preserve their taste.

Store dates in the refrigerator:

  •  Store fresh dates in the refrigerator, as moist dates can be a breeding ground for microscopic organisms.
  •  Putting dates in the refrigerator will preserve the taste of dates and prevent them from spoiling and sour.
  •  Fresh dates, if properly packaged, stay in the refrigerator for about eight months, and dried dates can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year.
  •  Be careful not to put dates in front of a fragrant food like garlic because dates smell very quickly.

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Store dates in the freezer:

  •  The best place to store dates for a long time will be your freezer.
    Put the dates in a plastic bag with a zipper and remove excess air. Having air inside the bag can speed up the spoilage of food.
  •  Consider a space of one centimeter for dates so that if the dates freeze, they will not tear the storage bag by increasing their volume.
  •  Write the date on the dates so that there are not too many dates in the plastic bag.
    Store dates in the farthest part of the freezer, to increase storage time and spoil later. This way, when the power goes out, the
  • frozen items at the bottom of the freezer will thaw later and stay intact.

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Tips for storage dried dates

  1. Dried dates can be stored in room air.
  2. Dried and semi-dried dates can be stored at room temperature.
  3. That it is better to put dates in a closed container, and this container is better if it is made of glass.
  4. Store dates out of the reach of insects, in a cupboard or fruit bowl.
  5. Do not place the dates in direct sunlight next to the stove.
  6. Store dates in a cool, dry place as the heat will cause the dates to rot.
  7. If stored in the home cabinet, dates can not be used for more than a month, so try to eat dates at a suitable time.

Guide to buying and keeping dates at home

Date fruit

The best time to eat dates after purchase:

The best time to consume dates is about a week because its true flavor is preserved and you can enjoy consuming it to the fullest. Of course, as we said at the beginning of this part, dates can be stored outside the refrigerator for up to a month, up to a year in the refrigerator and more than a year in the freezer, but the best time to consume it is one week.

Important points in dates storage:

*** With a good package, you can store dates in the freezer for up to 3 years.

*** When you take the dates out of the freezer, do not consume them at all if you encounter an unpleasant taste or smell.

*** The longer it is stored, the less flavor it will have.

*** Long-term storage of dates causes leachate to collect at the bottom of the container and the shape of the date becomes ugly.

*** After storage dates, after a while, the moisture dries on it, and this drying of the moisture causes spots on the skin of the date, which is called crystallization of date sugar (nectar). This is perfectly normal and you can melt these sugar crystals by heating it a little.

*** The expiration date of dates is a sign that a thick odor is emitted from it and the date has no aroma or taste.

*** If the date is dry, it will take a better shape by pouring a little warm water or even fruit juice.

People Also Ask:

How do you make dates preserved?

Dates are best stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container to help them retain moisture. They can be stored up to 6 months in the refrigerator, but may lose moisture the longer they sit. Large quantities of dates can also be frozen for up to one year. (source:

How do you preserve dried dates?

Answer. Dates should be kept in an air-tight container and can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated up to 6 months, and frozen for up to 1 year. If purchasing dates in bulk meets your personal needs, you may opt to refrigerate or freeze any excess dates. (source:

How do you store dried dates at home?

Put dried dates in an airtight container, plastic or glass, and keep them in a dry environment. The shelf life of dried dates at room temperature is about 6 months. As for semi-dry and fresh dates, they will last well for 4 to 6 weeks. (source:

How long do dates stay good for?

At room temperature, dates can last between a month up to 3 months. When you keep them in the fridge, they retain quality for between 6 and 12 months. If your dates are of the softer varieties, their shelf life will be shorter than those of the drier ones. For even longer storage, freeze the fruits. (source:

How do you preserve a date without a refrigerator?

Store semi-dry dates at room temperature. Place the dates in the pantry, or on your kitchen counter. Make sure they are out of direct sunlight if you place them on the counter. Store them away from the stove and oven as well. (source:

Should dates be refrigerated after opening?

Dates don’t require refrigeration, but doing so isn’t a bad idea. Storing dates in the fridge helps them retain quality much longer, even up to a year, while they only keep for 1 to 3 months at room temperature. (source:

How do you keep dates from spoiling?

Dates can also attract fruit flies and other pests if they’re not stored properly at home. Your best line of defense here is to avoid storing dates in an open container or bag at room temperature, and to keep them in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer. (source:

Do dates expire?

Dates can go bad just like any other fruit. However, they have a long shelf life, and you will likely eat them before spoiling. When storing them properly, you will ensure they last longer than the label date shows. However, all fruits ripe over time and rot eventually, so you can’t keep dates fresh forever. (source:

How do you preserve fresh dates?

Dates are best stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container to help them retain moisture. They can be stored up to 6 months in the refrigerator, but may lose moisture the longer they sit. Large quantities of dates can also be frozen for up to one year. (source:

Can dates be washed and stored?

Know the dates after washing should not be stored a long time, because it increases the risk of rancidity. It is best to wash the dates first and then wash them off with some hot water. Another thing to know is that dried dates are usually stored in the refrigerator for one year. (source:



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